Custom Built Lego Table - Blue/Green

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Perfect gift to help kids store and play with their lego collection. Custom built Lego Compatible Table with 8 genuine Lego 10 X 10 Baseplates for building and two storage bins under the table.  The top is reversible to a smooth play surface. The table stands 22" tall and is 41" long. The width is 21" The top is reversible to a flat top. Dimensions of each bin: 16-inch L by 11-3/4-inch W by 5-1/4-inch H.  This item is made to order and requires a 1-2 week lead time.

*The legs are removed during shipping so some light assembly is required. There are 16 screws that attach the legs and a #3 drill bit is included. A video demonstrating the assembly is available upon request.

**If you would like to purchase this item and have it shipped to an international destination not listed request a custom order and I will provide a shipping price based on your location and shipping preferences.